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October 20th, 2005

03:34 pm - AC/DC: Discussion & Critique - Coming Out of the Cold, by lastrega
Okay, getting a bit behind here! And whose fault is that? (*hides*)

So in case you've forgotten, the second part of the AC/DC discussion, after the author's commentary, is discussion and critique of the same story, by the readers.

(The authors are also welcome to join in.)

lastrega is first. 8-) merriman is up second.

Coming Out of the Cold by lastrega is a good example of a short fic that has a lot of "stuff" in it. The action is brief, but has a lot of backstory. The language seems straightforward, but carries a lot of meaning. It's a PWP (without sex, amand_r take note *g*) with subtext if you want it. And there's more subtext, besides.

So let's discuss!

What are your impressions of the story itself? Did lastrega's commentary do anything to change them?

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October 15th, 2005

04:10 pm
I volunteered to do an author's commentary on one of my stories, and then New Year's in Scotland won my little poll even though it's a bit longer than some of my others, so here it is! I used a rough copy of the story that was saved in my email drafts folder so I could work on it while away from home. I apologize for any errors.

Crossposted to hl_shorts and merriman.

Title: New Year's in Scotland
Characters/Pairings: Methos/Connor, eventual Methos/Duncan.
Rating: Adult, but not explicit.
Summary: Methos and Duncan spend New Year's Eve with Connor in Scotland.
Notes: Written for elistaire who responded to a fic offer with a request for Methos/Connor with a jealous Duncan.

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October 11th, 2005

02:12 am - Director's Commentary: Coming Out of the Cold
Hello and welcome to the director's commentary for 'Coming Out of the Cold'. I've always had a soft spot for this story, and it's one of the few of mine that was written as an allegory, rather than just as a story-telling exercise. I don't know that many other people liked this one as much as I did, especially seeing as there's no porn, but it's a story that I can actually talk about, so here we go….

commentary blatherCollapse )

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October 10th, 2005

11:37 am - AC/ DC discussion, redux
Hi, all -- remember our last post, about A/C D/C discussions of an author's story? That was back at the end of August, and the intervening weeks have been a hard time for all, it seems, but we're reviving the idea.

We've had a few volunteers. lastrega is asking for requests again on which short story she should discuss. amand_r is struggling manfully with a no. 2 pencil and Indian Head tablet.

ariestess and merriman have volunteered as well, and both have also asked for requests; leave a note here, if you've got something yet, or are ready to go.

And for a one-day quickie, if anyone has a request for one of mine, I'll do it today, to get the ball rolling. I have no shame and the steam-powered dactylotype is powered up. Looks like that won't be necessary.

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August 30th, 2005

04:20 pm - AC/DC - Author Commentary / Discussion & Critique
We'd like to host a variety of discussions of stories here, with different formats. The first kind we wanted to experiment with is a two-part discussion of a single story. The first part would be an author's commentary, to be followed a day or so after by a second part, a general discussion of the story by readers.

The author's commentary (behind a cut tag) would be modeled on the director/screenwriter commentaries on DVDs: the text of the story illuminated by remarks on the background of its creation, the style, problems, solutions, techniques -- whatever the author thinks would be of interest about the creation and construction of the work. (There were a spate of these on LJ a year or so ago; we'll add a link when we can find one.) If you have a direct question to the author, this would be a good place to post it.

The general discussion, in a separate post a day or so later, would be of the usual kind: focus on the story as it exists, as it strikes or engages or provokes the reader. See the comm info page for general guidelines.

SO: We somehow managed to talk amand_r and lastrega to go first & second. Any other authors want to step up and volunteer? Since we've been talking about PWPs, those would be good to start with. Leave a comment, propose a story, or if you wish, ask for story suggestions.

We'll take questions from authors about scheduling or story choice, but we're not interested in debate on the format or guidelines. There will be other discussions, as we said. (Suggestions for other kinds of discussions are welcome -- but for later!)

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August 24th, 2005

09:08 pm - Off to the chopping block I go.
Really, if this seems brash/uncaring/lecturely/bitchy, do mot take it as such. The moment I start sounding like a pretentions bitch, remember that I like to wear pink socks with pompoms and that every flame war I have ever been in has made me cry.

Carene, I'm sorry I wasn't replying. I didn't have this comm friended!Collapse )
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Current Music: no, unovis, my icon doesn't say "panty"

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01:18 pm - Recent works?
For an upcoming discussion, could you rec and give links for recent PWPs, both sex and non-sex centered? Let's take recent to mean the past couple of years.

We're also working to compile an index of stories mentioned in different categories so it will be easier for us all to locate things.

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August 22nd, 2005

04:30 pm
Okay, this is for amand_r.

What is a non-sex PWP? I mean, why call it that instead of, say, a vignette? Or just "short story?" I'm beginning to suspect, in my pointed supicious head, that in fandom, any story that is *not* a multi-chapter longfic is dubbed a PWP. Which makes me a bit cranky; just because something is short doesn't mean it doesn't have a plot. Short plotty stuff goes back a long way.

Or maybe "plot" in fandom means "action adventure," or the kind of plots you'd find in the show. Whodunnit optional, swordfight required?

Are short slash(y) stories always called PWP, even if they don't have any graphic sex? Or does it include short het romance? Gen? What about all those stories that take place in Joe's Bar and nothing "happens?"

Inquiring minds want to know. Well, I do, anyway.

Examples, please!

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03:58 pm - More on PWP
First of all, sorry for not getting back to this sooner!

We came up with some of the common PWP "plots," or if not plots, then catalysts, and if not catalysts, then props:

Caught in the act! One of the pair catches the other in a moment of private pleasure and takes over

Duncan coming home to find Methos in his bed (and it's canon!)

Fantasy and dream scenarios

One of the pair takes a quickening and gets hornier than a horny toad

One partner is traumatized and the other cures them with teh hot monkey sex (hurt/comfort)

Food, especially chocolate, that puts them in a good mood; or cooking together

Getting liquored up and loose; in vino veritas

Three's a crowd -- another character stirs up jealousy, sometimes on purpose

Fetish objects -- one of them acquires a new sex toy or a fun piece of clothing, which inspires much fooling around

This is just a start, right? 8-)

A couple more off the top of my head:

Working up a sweat (say, restoring a house, or sparring) and, oh, gosh I think I'll take this shirt off…

A practical joke that goes wrong

I haven't seen a lot of these in HL (though pointers would be nice) but silly games like Truth or Dare. Also strip poker. Or a bet.

Then, too, there are some stories that might be called "meta" PWPs, such as Sonia's "Sunspots." In her story, the guys are seemingly unable to stop having sex, and at the end, their odd behavior is put down to "sunspots." This, of course, is not a *serious* reason, and the plot is revealed as not a plot at all, but an *excuse* that Sonia gives us with a wink and a nudge. Her story is a spoof on the idea of PWPs -- while at the same time it works as a hot PWP.

So, can you guys think of more plots, props and prods? And list stories, too. I like lists of stories. I'd like to make lists of stories by the not-plots we come up with. 8-)

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02:03 pm - OT: Amazon to sell short fiction
I just came across this item about Amazon selling shorts in an effort to promote short-form literature (and eventually make more money).

Amazon.com (Nasdaq:AMZN) today launched its latest innovation for customers, Amazon Shorts, an entirely new way for customers to enjoy their favorite authors and to sample the work of new authors through exclusive short-form literature, for 49 cents each. Amazon Shorts have no printed editions and are only delivered digitally.

"Amazon Shorts will help authors find new readers and help readers find and discover authors they'll love," said Steve Kessel, Amazon.com's vice president of Digital Media. "We hope that by making short-form literature widely and easily available, Amazon.com can help to fuel a revival of this kind of work."

"Publishers have always had a hard time selling and marketing the single, short-form work -- the novella, for instance, or the novelette, or its even more diminutive cousin, the novelini -- and these days it's even harder. Amazon.com has created a new way for authors to get that kind of work out there, which is incredibly exciting," said author Daniel Wallace. "It's my hope that their Shorts program brings a renewed interest to the genre, as well as the opportunity for us to keep in touch with our readers in a really direct, fun way between books."

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